Essential Oils Storage Box UK Reviews


Essential oils are basically just plant extracts. These oils have a wide variety of uses but are most commonly used for aromatherapy and other therapeutic treatments.

The problem is that these oils are very unstable, not in a way that they would explode, but in a way that they would quickly lose their aroma and healing properties if exposed to sunlight, air, and other outside elements.

Proper storage of these oils is a must if ever you want to retain their quality through long periods of time.

In order for you to keep the quality of your essential oils, you will need to have a storage box that has been specifically designed to hold essential oils. These special boxes have the right kind of holders for your oil bottles so that they will be safe if in case they need to be moved.

What to Look for When Choosing an Essential Oil Storage Box


Whatever the product may be, the one thing that most consumers would look for is the quality of that certain product, and essential oil storage boxes are no exception. A high-quality storage box should be:

  • Durable to make sure that it won’t break easily
  • Lightweight so it’s easy to carry
  • Constructed with a tight sealed to secure the quality of your oil bottles


If you’ll be buying a storage case for your essential oils, always choose one that will perfectly complement the aesthetic of your home. There isn’t much of a price difference when it comes to design anyway.

Storage Capacity

Depending on the number of essential oils that you own, the storage capacity of the box that you will be purchasing should have some extra slots in case you are tempted to add another one to your collection.

Knowing the right storage capacity will help you save money since you won’t need to purchase another one for extra storage.


The last thing you should look out for when purchasing a storage box for your essential oils is the price. Always keep in mind that not all expensive items are high quality, as some are just expensive because of their brand name.

If the quality, design, and storage capacity have been met with a cheap storage box, then go for it.

Reviews of the Best Essential Oil Storage Box

Calmer Solutions Wooden box for Essential Oils

This essential oil storage box from Calmer Solutions is a must-have for anyone with twenty or more 10ml essential oils in their homes. This wooden box can hold up to 30 essential oils, and for better safety, a special latch has been installed in the box.

The box is around 80cm in length, 50.2cm in width, and 8.6cm in height and weighs around 319 grams which makes it very portable.

Absolute Aromas Essential Oils Wooden Storage Box

The Absolute Aromas Essential Oils wooden storage box boasts itself of an elegant design made from the wood of a beech tree. It’s fitted with a powerful magnetic latch and can safely carry twelve 5ml or 10ml oil bottles. This huge storage box will be a great help in maintaining the quality of your essential bottles.

The box weighs around 1kg, which means you can practically carry it anywhere with you.

Xploit Essential Oil Carrying Case

One of the most durable essential oil carrying cases made by Xploit. This shockproof and dent-proof carrying case is made from high-class bamboo which makes it sturdier than any other wooden storage.

This 530 grams wooden box can store about twenty-five bottles around the size of 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml. All of your essential oil bottles are completely safe from damages because of its highly durable construction.

metagio 30 Bottles Essential Oil Box

This essential oil box from metagio has been gorgeously designed using an EVA material that has made the box completely shockproof and waterproof. It’s equipped with a zipper to secure all of your essential oils.

The metagio oil box can hold up to 30 bottles with sizes of 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml. The exquisite design of the box makes it a great gift or just a display in your room.

Songlela Essential Oil Storage Bamboo Box

With the Songlela essential oil storage box in your hand, all of your oil bottles will be safe from any danger including degradation of their quality. Crafted with the finest bamboo quality available, this sturdy box can withstand a large amount of force.

The design of the box allows you to carry 26 bottles with sizes ranging from 5ml to 100ml. The box weighs around 922 grams which makes it very lightweight and convenient to carry.

Beschan Wooden Essential Oil Box

One of the biggest ever essential oil boxes, this one from Beschan has a fully customizable compartment so that any bottles you have can fit snuggly into them.

Made from the finest pine wood, this premium quality storage box can withstand almost any impact. Purely organic, this essential oil box is not just good for you but also for the environment.

Sunix Essential Oils Storage

Need extra security for your essential oils? Then this Sunix case is the perfect one for you. Made with EVA material, this oil storage case isn’t just scratchproof, it’s also totally shockproof. A zipper lock has also been installed into the case to keep your essentials safe and secured.

What makes this oil storage box amazing isn’t just the quality but also the accessories that come with it.

Cosmetic Organisers Multifunction Essential Oil Wooden Box

Considered as one of the most elegant-looking essential oil boxes ever made, this masterpiece from Cosmetic Organisers wasn’t just made to look beautiful, it has also been made to withstand strong forces. With bamboo as its main component, this oil storage box is very sturdy and very lightweight.

It’s designed to have 40 compartments that can easily be customized so you can carry almost any essential oil bottle size with this box.

LQMILK Essential Oils Box

Made from natural pine, this oil box has been constructed to be as tough as nails. This storage box has 25 slots that can store bottle sizes from 5ml to 15ml. Metal locks have also been fitted to ensure the safety of your oil bottles.

Whether you will be using this for storage, travel, or as a gift, the LQMILK essential oils box always gets the job done.

Ejoyous Bamboo Essential Oil Storage Box

This multipurpose storage box from Ejoyous is a drawer-type box that has been fitted with 90 compartments so that most essential oil bottle sizes will be able to fit inside and as well as other items such as nail polish bottles and jewelry.

Made with some of the highest quality bamboos, this lightweight storage box can withstand great amounts of pressure to keep all your oil bottles safe.

Dioche Essential Oil Storage Box

The Dioche Essential oil storage box was made using some of the most durable wood materials so that the safety of your essential oil bottles will be ensured completely. This 66-compartment oil storage box can store almost any oil bottle size ever made.

Despite the overwhelming size of the box, it is still very lightweight due to the wooden materials that were used to make it.

Anaric-Tih Essential Oil Box

For those who have a large collection of essential oil bottles, this storage box would be the perfect item for you. With 68 grids available, you can store bottles with sizes 5ml, 10ml, and even 15ml.

This large wooden box has been made using some of the highest quality wood available and has been fitted with metal locks to ensure that your essential oil bottles are safe from any dangers.

QLINDGK Wooden Essential Oil Box

Cheap, simple, but very durable. What the QLINDGK lacks in the design, it makes up for it with its premium-quality durability. This wooden box is ideal for travel or business presentation or showcase of your essential oils. It can keep your oils safe from possible dangers such as exposure to sunlight and moisture.

This essential oil box can store up to 25 oil bottles of varying sizes, thanks to its customizable compartment feature.

LULUTING Handmade Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

Handmade by some of the finest craftsmen and using some of the finest wooden materials available, this beautiful wooden essential oil storage box isn’t just for show.

Protecting your essential oil bottles from possible dangers has never been easier thanks to this wooden oil storage box.

The beautiful design of this LULUTING essential oil storage box is perfect if in case you want to showcase your collection of essential oils.


When it comes to picking out the perfect storage box for your essential oils, it doesn’t have to be the number one or the best. It will mostly depend on what you want your box to be. Always remember the things you should look out for when buying a storage box to ensure that every penny you spent will be all worth it.

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