The 5 Best Beard Balm UK 2023

Best Beard Balm UK 2020

If you’re serious enough about your beard to take care, maintaining, and grooming, beard balm plays a great role for you.

But, you might be confused to choose and buy the best model of beard balm. It’s because there are lots of brands and their products to choose from.

This is why we assume it’s very crucial to guide you to find out your preferred beard balm. But, in any case, we never advise someone to grab an old and ordinary beard balm from the shelf or any online shop.

Before we recommend a product, we go through deep research with great care to ensure the best item. Well, we’re going to share with you our selected best and high-quality beard balms in the UK market.

Top 5 Best Beard Balm UK

1. Honest Amish Vegan Friendly All Natural Organic Beard Balm

As its name suggests, Honest Amish is a type of beard balm that’s only honest, it’s also Amish. It means that the product is as organic as natural at the way it comes with.

Made with different ingredients, the formula of this balm is effective, versatile, and nurturing. Among the ingredients, the major ones are including virgin oils of argan oil and avocado.

Also, it includes some other essential oils like grape seed, pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel along with beeswax. The most stunning feature of the item is its scent that comes with the product.

Mixing with different useful oils the original scent of the oil is fantastic and subtle simultaneously. It helps you to dry your dry hair or beard with providing new growth to soften, repair, and condition.

Another good thing to say about this balm is its itching relieving quality, which are the big issues for new growth as well as the wild type of hairs.

The product comes with a tip of 2-ounce is completely recyclable that’s a great plus point this balm.

You don’t need to think about its longevity as it stays for a long time and works accordingly. It has just one issue to use the product that it works a bit slowly rather than being fast-acting.

As a result, this balm needs to be used with care and slower in pace. This is why the Honest Amish is the perfect choice as the best balm for your beard to keep it simpler


  • Fixes the issue of beard dandruff
  • Soften the beard within a few days
  • Included all-natural elements
  • Suitable for beard and skin hairs


  • A bit polarizing scent

2. Beard Club’s Mountain Woodsman Beard Balm

The Mountain Woodsman is possibly the greatest product in our review list. The best thing to note about this balm is its amazing scent.

This scent is mixed together with dry tobacco, citrus notes, Smokey embers, leather, black pepper, and appreciated woods.

It’s comparatively subtle and simultaneously hugely noticeable. Although you’ll certainly get the smells, you’ll not find it overwhelming.

It’s because the formula of this balm is made with cocoa butter, almond oil, argan oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

Its all-natural, as well as organic ingredients, go through profound into your hair for great nourishment from all its sides. No matter you have a short or long beard; this product is equally suitable for both.

Also, it works a great way to soften, improve, and make shiny of the facial hair. Likewise, it helps them to increase their density and volume by preventing them from being dry, itchy, and flaky.

In so far as we know, the item has just one issue that its texture feels a bit oddly and minor residue leaves behind apply it.

Despite this minor issue, the Mountain Woodsman can quadruple the good-looking of your face.

This is why it’s important to use the product with great care. It goes anywhere with the style of beardsman with fashion as this balm will take the perfect care of all types of facial hairs.

Another good thing about this balm is that it comes in travel size, so it’s simple to keep and carry in your bag.


  • Suitable for short & long beards
  • Invigorating fragrance
  • Softens skin
  • Moisturizes skin


  • A bit stronger fragrance

3. Gentleman’s Face Care Club Extra Large Premium Quality Beard Balm

This beard balm has equal-part effectiveness and efficacy. So, you’ll not get any issue when you need to detangle and tame your beard and other facial hairs.

If you want to remove knots and split ends, you just need a small portion of the balm.

As it works to separate your hairs individually, it ensures they don’t get twist or mat together. Moreover, you can get your desired style and shape of your facial hair with this balm.

The list of the ingredient is a bit smaller but works precisely than many other products.

Its incorporated ingredients include almond oil, jojoba oil, Cera Alba, and perfumes. This is a unique blend of these elements that makes a product that can absorb quickly.

Also, the item boosts your hair growth and its volume by reducing patchiness.

These make it a high-quality product that’s equally appropriate for short and long beards. Besides, this great beard care item not just moisturizes your facial hairs from their tip to bottom; it also nourishes them.

Likewise, it helps you to prevent continuous irritation by reducing the issue of dry skin. In return, it gives you fresh skin with a clean feel as you like to get your beard and skin by adding slight sandalwoods and vanilla hint.

This is how the product makes things handy to style your beard in the way you prefer. The only backward of this balm is that it needs to be used for a few days to get the expected results.


  • Suitable for all types of facial hair
  • Gives a great light hold
  • High-quality beard balm
  • Keeps hydrated hair and skin


  • Expensive

4. Original Beard Balm By Bulldog

According to the name, this balm comes with bulldog-like strength that will give you control and tame over the facial hair.

The rich formulation of the product incorporated with the juice of barbadensis leaf, cocoa butter, almond oil, and shea butter.

Also, it comes with oil of camelina sativa, oakmoss extract, and leaf extract of green tea. These ingredients not just work to soften your beard, they also make it moisturized and conditioned.

Moreover, you’ll get your facial skin as soothed as nourished and will make your beard with healthy-looking by reducing skin issues.

Along with a very affordable price, the 75ml balm is another great thing to choose the product.

As a result, it’ll last for a long time along with its continuous mind-blowing activities. The fast-acting formula of the balm starts working as soon as you use it without wasting a minute while rubbing in the morning.

This is indeed a brilliant beard balm that certainly helps you to keep controlling your beard and facial skin.

As the formula doesn’t include artificial colors, harmful ingredients, or synthetic fragrance, you’re free of stress having the issue for your skin.

Besides, Bulldog is the right solution for your beard regardless of being oily, dry, sensitive, or regular skin.

So, keeping your beard clean and taking their care properly is not a big issue anymore. With preventing the itchy feeling of your beard, this balm keeps your beard softer and conditioner.


  • Eliminates beard dandruff
  • Fasting acting formulation
  • Ingredients are natural
  • Perfect for facial hair & skin


  • Unfriendly fragrance

5. Woody’s Men’s Beard Balm 56.7g

Looking to keep things quite simpler? Then, Woody’s Men’s Beard Balm is the right answer for you. Coming with the grapefruit fragrance, the smell is unique and pleasant, but it isn’t overwhelming.

Its simple natural and organic formulation doesn’t include any harmful chemicals that can damage your facial skin.

Its limited ingredients incorporated with castor oil, coconut oil, the leaf extract of rosemary, panthenol, and beeswax.

Among the ingredients, the leaf extract of rosemary and panthenol work amazingly as the anti-inflammatory elements.

As a result, it helps you to accelerate the recovery progress of your skin after scratches and cuts.

This product not just works to control frizzy and dry beard, it also boasts better shine to the facial hair, which is easily noticeable without overbearing.

Along with the appearance of put-together, it’ll keep your skin and beard healthy without using waxes, or stiff pastes.

It’s because the balm comes with a sticky characteristic similar to wax instead of a balm. Thanks to the celebrity stylists and barbers, they have helped to develop this product with a great collaboration.

Their keen insights and hard work to identify the things that need for a main his everyday routine helped the manufacturer to formulate today’s Woody’s Men’s Beard Balm.

The brand believes and inspires by the values of integrity, authenticity, and community. These things helped them realize and create this affordably priced and well-fragranced beard balm that’s great for your beard in all aspects.


  • Affordable price
  • Amazing fragrance
  • Natural & organic formulation
  • Protect beard & skin


  • Questionable ingredient composition

Buying Guide Beard Balm

Buying guide matters much as it helps you to identify the perfect product for you. It comprises some factors that you must consider while buying balm for your beard.

Well, let’s know what the factors that you should keep in mind before you choose an item.

Carrier Oils

Rather than any other deciding factors, carrier oils are the major ones that must-have in your balm that you buy for your beard. These oils give your hair and skin nutrients and hydration.

As a result, they not just need to reduce your skin issues, they also work to keep your beard smoother and softer.

Among the different varieties, the widely used and useful ones are including sweet almond, jojoba, and argan.

Almost every carrier oils are found in balms for your beard that come from nuts, seeds, and plants. Again, these oils are very essential for your beard and skin.

Essential Oils

It might be a bit confusing to understand the advantages of these essential oils. As lots of different types of essential oils are out there, you can find it tough to choose your specific ones as well.

But, we suggest choosing the essential oils by their scent instead of their medicinal uses. Most of the balms come with the scent of manly in them while the most popular ones are including pine, sandalwood, cedar, and more.


It’s the key ingredient that helps you to control your balm for the beard. Beeswax can hold your beard slightly to make it stay in an identical shape all day long.

However, avoid doing the mistake to use it for your hair or scalp.

It’s because the ingredients are just good for your beard to make it free of stiffness and crunchiness.

Moreover, it also works as the protector to your beard and skin from possible damages and issues.

Butter (Shea/ Cocoa)

As beard balm condition the beard, the butter in it is extremely helpful to get the best results of its carrier

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) & Their Answers

What Does Beard Balm Do For My Beard?

Beard balm does many positive things for your beard from nourishing to keeping them in the right shape.

How Often Should I Use Beard Balm?

If you buy a beard balm that has made of natural ingredients, you can use it daily.

How Much balm Should I Use In My Beard?

This is not the same for all as it depends on some factors like the thickness and brand of the balm. In any case, you should use a smaller amount of balm for daily use.

Can I Use Beard Balm On Facial Hair?

Yes, certainly you can use beard balm on the facial hairs as it’s safe to use on them.


This is all for the day, men. As we take all beard grooming items seriously, these beard balms are no exclusion of it. Lots of aspirants are out in the UK market like some other products.

But, we have chosen the above-said products with our deep research. So, you’re all set to buy any one of them that will give the optimum results for your beard and skin.

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