10 Best Meat Mincers in UK [2021]

Best Meat Mincers

Meat mincers are quite popular nowadays. They have been used a lot for both home and commercial use as it offers people the most comfortable and most convenient way of processing meat.

Thus, manufacturers have included this function in a lot of kitchen appliances nowadays. Let’s have a food processor as an example, wherein it is mainly used as a meat mincer but with also different added functions.

There is a vast breadth of different meat mincers found in the market today. The flexibility of the appliance, performance, and its wide variety of functions can impact its cost on the market and overall quality.

Top 10 Meat Mincers Reviews

Duronic MG1600 Electric Meat Grinder

This mincer has a powerful motor with 1800W and has excellent, medium or course mincing discs good for making sausages and kibbehs.

The mincer is sold a meat pusher, mincer discs, sausage maker and kibbeh maker attachments. It is made out of stainless steel and is ideal for home use.


  • Easy to set-up
  • Machine parts are straightforward to clean
  • Ideal to use in making sausages or burgers
  • Easy to store


  • Makes a loud sound during use
  • Not suitable for large sizes of meat

Meykey Electric Meat Grinder

The product has straightforward controls composing of only three switches. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and can be used for cutting coarse, medium or fine meat grinds.

It comes with one sausage attachment, a cutting blade, food pusher, and kibbeh attachment.


  • Minces meat fast
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made out of durable material
  • Easy to clean after use


  • Bones need to be chopped up first before mincing

1200w S/S Meat Grinder Stainless Steel Electric Mincer

This mincer has stainless steel blades that grind meat effectively. It is sold with sausage and kibbeh attachments with one nozzle. It comes with a reverse function.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effectively minces meat


  • Makes a loud sound during use

Butchers Sundries Heavy-Duty Electric Meat Mincer Grinder and Sausage Maker

The Butchers Sundries Mincer and Meat Grinder has 1800w copper motor and comes three stainless steel cutting plates. You can create three different textures, exceptionally fine, medium and course.

It is sold with three sausage making attachments and can be used for making chipolatas, breakfast sausage and jumbos. It also includes a kibbeh attachment. This appliance is for domestic use only.


  • Easy to clean after use
  • Can be used to mince large quantities of meat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used to make different dishes


  • Makes a loud sound during use

Nestling® Electric Meat Mincer Grinder and Sausage Maker

This mincer is powered with 2800w and has three grinding plates for fine, medium and coarse textures. It comes with sausage funnels and a kibbeh attachment. It has a reverse function and a portable handle for secure storage.

The material it is composed of is from thick aluminum alloy and high-end ABS. It is food-grade and comes with non-slip rubber feet.


  • Minces meat at a fast rate
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Lightweight, making it easy to carry


  • A bit noisy when being used
  • Not suitable for grinding meat bones

Salter BW06543AR Meat Mincer with Two Blade Attachments

This manual meat mincer machine is made of durable, lightweight plastic and is ideal for mincing pork, lamb, and poultry. It comes with two mincer grates (fine and coarse) for different texture preference.


  • It is ideal for small space storage
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It has sharp blades that mincemeat easily


  • Can cut small pieces of chicken one at a time

KitchenCraft Plastic Meat Mincer with Suction Clamp

The KitchenCraft Plastic Meat Mincer is made of food-grade plastic which comes with two stainless steel blades. It also has a safety pusher and a rubber suction pad on its base for stability.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to take apart for washing
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Geat suction on counter-tops


  • Must be fed with small sizes of meat or else its crank will be hard to turn

Sausage Stuffer Horizontal Kitchen Machine

The meat mincer is ideal for making sausages as it comes with a vertical vice clamp and is sold with four filling nozzles for variety. The appliance also includes a meat stuffer.


  • Noise-free
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to take apart for cleaning
  • Can hold a decent amount of meat
  • Minces meat well


  • Does not come with sausage casings
  • The suction cup needs improvement

Lakeland Manual Meat Mincer & Sausage Maker Machine

This meat mincer comes with two stainless steel blades for delicate and coarse-textured meat. It has a full hopper and pusher for easy cleaning. It also has a nozzle for sausage-making.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a tray for minced meat
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hopper detaches from time to time

Metaltex Jack Meat Nut and Vegetable Mincer

This appliance by Metaltex is made of aluminum alloy with a 3-in-1 meat mincer and sausage-making attachment. It can also be used for pastry making and mincing vegetables or nuts.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Clamps well to the work surface
  • Easy to store


  • Uses a plastic knife which can be challenging to use when grinding meat

Buying Guide

The Importance and Function of Meat Mincers

Meat mincers, otherwise also known as “meat grinders,” are essential appliances for anyone that wants to be able to process or grind meat with minimum effort.

In comparison to the mincing knife, wherein cooks or butchers would need to chop meat manually, meat mincers can already produce more of the required product faster and easier.

For electronic types, you just need to make a few clicks of a button and wait for the finished product. The products of meat mincers are what is called as forcemeat.

It is a homogenous mass without the hard parts of the meat such as its tendons and cartilages. The hard parts are usually a challenge when making your meat finer.

Still, such use of this technology devoid consumers of harming themselves as they no longer need to use knives or other sharp or dangerous materials. It is then not just the most comfortable way of mincing meat but has proven to be as well as the safest.

Furthermore, meat mincers are not only capable of mincing meat. It can also be used to chop vegetables, fish or other food finely.

It can also be used to make your sausage, a fruit sorbet, nut kinds of butter, cheese crumbles, bread crumbs or cut out your pasta. Other added features make meat mincers flexible in terms of functionality.

Types of Meat Mincers

There are generally two types of meat mincers found in the market, with each its unique use and importance:

  • Manual or Classic Meat Mincers

This type of meat mincer is used in a way wherein you would need to turn a crank in the appliance for you to be able to grind or mince the meat. The advantage of using a manual meat mincer is that it does not utilize electricity, making it good for the environment while also saving you extra electric costs.

It also becomes effortless to clean as the parts are quite simple and you would not need to be keen on wires or circuits. The downside, however, as because it is manual, the consistency of the product is not always promised.

  • Electric Meat Mincers 

As you would guess from the name itself, electric meat mincers can be able to produce a similar product as manual meat mincers, but with more convenience and consistency.

You would only need to push a button or two for the appliance to work and produce a homogenous minced mass of meat.

Choosing the Right Meat Mincer for You and How to Use It

Here are several considerations to think about when choosing a meat mincer:

  • Efficiency

Although manual mincers are less costly, it can be less convenient when grinding large slabs of meat. Electric mincers are simple to use and would be the right choice for anyone who wants to mincemeat effortlessly.

Some electric mincers are powerful enough to grind bones, whereas using manual mincers can be a challenge. However, problems can arise with the gears of electric mincers of not appropriately handled.

  • Commercial vs Domestic Models 

If you are after mincing large amounts of meat, then it is more suitable for one to opt to buy a heavy-duty model or commercial meat mincers.

If you are only using a meat mincer to grind only small amounts of meat, then it is more cost-efficient to purchase domestic models.

  • Costs 

The cost of meat mincers varies from its size, composition and model type. However, it is essential to note that when buying a meat mincer, it is vital to choose a mincer that fits your needs.

  • Longevity

If you plan to use a meat mincer regularly, then it is more preferable to choose stainless steel models than plastic ones.

There are also mincers wherein knives or grinder plates are made of carbon steel, which are less durable and can quickly become dull compared to stainless steel ones. Regardless of composition, it is essential to maintain your mincer by using it correctly for long-term use.

  • Location 

Manual mincers are more preferrable for outdoor use as they do not need an electric socket. Furthermore, electric mincers produce a sound while manual mincers do not.

The bigger the electric mincer, the louder the noise it would create.

  • Size 

When buying a meat mincer, it is also essential to take note of storage. You need to consider the location of where you will be storing your meat mincer when it is not in use.

Manual meat mincers are smaller, thus easier to store compared to electric types. Larger meat mincers are also more capable of grinding bigger sizes or amounts of meat within a small duration of time.

The rate of production is measured as pounds per hour. Manual meat mincers that come in significant sizes have longer crank handles attached to make the job smoother.

What Do You Need to Know in the Operation of a Meat Mincers?

Here is information that you need to know about operating a meat mincer. These will help you identify which is the ideal for you.

  • Size of Meat Mincer Plates

The holes found in meat mincers vary in different sizes. Plates measuring 1/8 inches, 3/16 inches, and ¼ inches in diameter are considered small and are ideal for mincing well-ground meat that can be used for burgers.

Meanwhile, plates measuring ½ inches in diameter are large-sized plates ideal for making sausages.
The plates of meat mincers, when used frequently, can become dull over time.

Thus, it is also important to remember to replace the plates or cutting knife with new ones for a smooth mincing process.

  • Weight

If you wish to store your meat mincer away easily when not in use, it is good to opt for something lighter. Commercial models can also be substantial, thus it is essential to identify the weight of the mincer first before buying online.

For some heavy models, the handles are adjustable for a more comfortable transfer of the mincer.

  • Needed Accessories 

There are a lot of accessories you could choose from for your mincer. It all boils down to your necessities. When buying a mincer, it should come with at least two different-sized plates.

A stuffing tube for sausages, strainers or juicers is considered additional attachments.
If you wish to use the meat mincer for sausage making, make sure your meat mincer has a meat plunger.

This ensures the quality of your sausage as it needs to be tightly packed and has an absence of air.

  • Multi-functional Appliances

Stand mixers can also function as meat grinders. If you have one already at home, you can just buy an attachment. This is ideal for casual use at home.

FAQs Of Meat Mincer

How does a meat mincer work?

A meat mincer is also known as a meat grinder. It works by finely chopping different cooking ingredients through the use of various attachments.

What other use is there for a Meat mincer?

A meat mincer can also be used for making patties and sausages.

There are numbers on meat mincers. What do they mean?

The numbers you can find in your meat mincer refers to the size of the grinder plate.


Overall, buying your meat mincer depends highly on your necessities. More importantly, you need to maintain your mincer’s quality by using it as instructed by manufacturers to ensure longevity.

With all the information given in this article, you are sure to find the best meat mincer for you.

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