5 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans UK [2021 Update]

Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

If you’re in search of the best bathroom extractor fans, we have made a list of renowned and well-reviewed products. The items we’re going to share are not just high-quality, they’re also well fit to remove unexpected things from the bathroom.

These things include unwanted odor, moisture, and humidity. Also, these fans are very helpful to keep the bathroom’s tiles from getting algae and mold.

Moreover, when a bathroom gets a large amount of humidity, it causes mildew that develops on your bathroom’s walls as well as the ceiling. It makes issues for your health along with your bathroom interior.

But, if you still didn’t think about these issues of the bathroom, these are enough good reasons to purchase one of the below-said products.

Well, let’s know about the extractor fans for the bathroom with a buying guide and FAQs section.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

Airflow’s 100mm Bathroom Extractor Fan Outlet

Coming from the production line of Airflow, this extractor fan is the best product in our list. We have rated the item with 5 out of 5 stars.

Also, it has thousands of happy users in the UK and all over the world as well. The device is not just best rated, it’s also reasonable in price.

Buyers will get the assurance that the product will meet their preferences. It has made of followed by the building regulations right way and it uses just 9.2-watt of electricity.

Another good thing about this item is that it allows you to add different types of matching cover-plates that easily go with your bathroom décor. Also, it fits well with your ceiling and wall color by maintaining it tactful adding up to your bathroom.

Besides, the fan comes with top graded iris shutter, which is why it keeps away its air from the possible driving back in the bathroom. There is a switch duct to work by the basic unit and you can use additional modules for the best features.

The features include operating by a pull cord, using a timer, continuous running, variable speed motion sensors, and delay start. Among the other top extractor fans that are available in the UK, this one’s humidity sensor is the best.

When it comes to the installation, the item has essential screws and other fixings. a 3-year long warranty will provide you peacefulness along with the better customer services.


  • Various color plates for covering
  • Easy to fit on wall & ceiling
  • Unique iris shutter
  • Simple to install


  • Just suitable for smaller bathrooms

Vents TT Mixed Flow In-Line Extractor Fan

This is the next best item in the list that has secured a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from our side. While using this item, you’re all set to manage issues like humidity and hot in the area of the bathroom of your home or workplace.

Also, it’s a good unit to resolve the issue of unexpected odors that roam all-around your home. Apart from using it in the bathroom to keep it away from different issues, you’ll also get help from it to keep your home with fresh air.

The item is light in weight and fits well with a flexible or solid ducting of 100-meter or 4-inch. With a great rate of airflow that’s about 187 cubic miles per hour, it performs excellently.

And it provides a relentless varied flow impeller. You’ll be dam sure about its lower noise, which is just 27 decibels. Moreover, it’s easy to loft mounting that ensures you to set it in your convenient and preferred location.

The product has equipped with 2 different power setting options and you can choose one of them while installing it in your desired place. It means that it allows you to get the suitable low or high-speed settings depending on your connection terminal of a live cable of the fan.

Another good thing about the item is that it uses just 33-watt of electricity. As a result, it’ll help you to keep the bills of the electricity lower.


  • Keeps air fresh
  • Less noisy
  • Higher airflow
  • Lower electricity consumption


  • A bit tough to install

Envirovent’s 100mm Silent Extractor Fan

Although this is the third item of the list, it gets the same rating of the second one, which is a 4.5-star rating out of 5. This unit is not just well-designed; it’s also suitable for your toilets and bathrooms.

Among many reasons, the major one that forces us to include it in this review list is it has won an award of Quiet Mark in 2013. It’s because the product comes with lower noise with a 26 decibels output.

Another great reason to choose the item to get into the list is that it consumes a very lower amount of electricity, which is just 8-watt. You’ll need a very simple effort to operate the fan.

Like some other top brands’ products, it works silently with glowing on/ off button. The fan comes with the humidistat shutter as built-in at its backside. This is the standard of the most current similar extractor fans that helps the machine to keep your home hot.

Among the other useful features, the most stunning one is its timer function that needs switching live, permanent live, and neutral connection. When you’ll install the unit properly, you can set the timer for over-run about 30 minutes.

The domestic axial of this fan is 100mm as it has referred in its name. As a result, it fits well in the ceiling and wall without making any issue of ventilation in your bathroom.

The fan has automatic mode and its timer calculates the time it needs to operate. And you’ll get excellent performance with smart features.


  • Affordable in price
  • Easy to set to ceiling & wall
  • Higher airflow rate
  • Excellent features & performance


  • Comes without any stated warranty

Manrose QF100T Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer

It’s the next and best item in the list that has secured a 4.5-star rating out of 5 from us. Because of having an understanding of regional standards and needs, Manrose has designed the extractor fan that’s perfectly matched to installers of the UK.

Also, the unit comes with the completely appropriate to the most up-to-date legislation. Moreover, the manufacturer has the promise to provide a high-quality extractor fan that has enabled it to make extremely famous into the markets of the Far Eastern.

This is why they’re reversing the common trend that has helped them to make more overseas sell for the UK. It signifies that the fan is innovative in design, simple to install, energy-saving, and affordable in price.

As its name suggests, the fan is very quiet than many others of the same range. Thanks to its outstanding design, it’s very simple to install in your ceiling and wall mounting.

So, this is a very full range of product that’s ideal for your toilets and bathrooms.

It comes with a timer feature that allows you to use it while you’re not here. And you can adjust its timer between 1 to 30 minutes that’s the best feature unlike other fans of the same price tag.


  • Very quiet model
  • Affordable in price
  • Simple to install
  • Comes with a handy timer


  • Not perfect to install in window

Silent Contour Extractor Fan By Xpelair

Finally, we have another great bathroom extractor fan that has secured a 4-star rating out of 5 from our review team.If you’re looking for different types and lots of versions of extractor fans for your bathroom, this is your right choice.

The standard type of the fan comes with an integrated humidistat timer and fan together with a pull cord. Also, it has a timer feature that’s easy to set.

Coming with a great external casing, it makes your task easier to keep the fan that doesn’t require any additional equipment, chemicals, and work. Among its two different adjustable speed functions, it has 15-liter/second and 32-liter/second settings.

This BEAB certified fan goes together with a long 2-year warranty. While buying this unit, you’ll get with the pack: one piece of really silent fan essential fixings, and a manual with important instruction to install the fan.

Because of its quieter functioning, it’s one of the ideal extractor fans for your bathroom. These functions and features have made it the first choice and competing model among the crowd of different brands and models.

The fan has a remote sensor or switches to operate with two speeds that are exchangeable square fascia. It’s also available in round shape.


  • Very silent extractor fan
  • Affordable airing model
  • 2-year warranty
  • Different models of vent


  • Users’ complaint about its noise

Buying Guide

This item of extractor fan also has some considerable factors. If you remember these factors while buying the item, you’ll get the best product without any doubt.

Well, let’s know what the factors are you should know and remember.

Choosing The Correct Power

You have to learn about the fan’s specifications before stepping into the store. It’s common sense that you don’t like to get ventilation in both a bathroom with a 50sq. feet and a basement of 500sq. feet.

Don’t forget the simple rules that if you have a big space then you need to choose the one that comes with more power to provide more output. That’s fine. And just notice the CMF of the fan, which is the unit of the power of the airflow.

So, you need several CFM if you want your fan to cover more space. The formula is that 1 CFM can cover up just 1 sq. feet of area. And we suggest buying the fan that comes with at least 100 CFM.

Noise Level

If there is flowing air concerned, there is the issue of making noise. It’s a simple thing that we get it very well. But, believe it or not, some of the extractor fans are so loud that you can’t use them in your home.

It’s because nobody likes to hear the harsh sound of the fan while peeing or pooping. Like all other people, you also obviously like to get something in your bathroom that’s fairly quiet as you’ll use it in a smaller space.

The unit of the noise level is Sones and it’s better to get 4-sones to 0.3-sones or less than these numbers.

Effortlessness Of Installation

If you have selected the right extracting fan with instructions and hardware, it’s easy enough to install in the toilet or bathroom. But, some models don’t equip with the necessary accessories or instructions.

So, don’t forget to know its installation process and what it needs to install to your ceiling or wall.


You should not be a professional to find out whether the product is good or bad. Start with checking all its components and parts along with small or big.

Also, figure out if the item feels and looks like the standard one. You’ll find some motors that are as notorious as rattles wildly while running. So, don’t forget to note the issue while buying it.

Moreover, ensure the item you’re going to buy is not making friction with its casing.

FAQs Of Best Bathroom Extractor Fans

Does It An Issue Where Precisely I Set Up A Bathroom Extractor Fan In The Room?

It widely depends on the power and design of the fan. It’s because fans are just to install on the wall. But, some others should install exactly in the ceiling.

Besides, you’ll also find some models that allow you to install in both places – ceiling and wall. So, simply check the specifications if it’s suitable for your room.

Must My Toilet Or Bathroom Have An Extractor Fan?

Almost every bathroom and toilet can get the benefit of using an extractor fan. It’s because this fan has designed to use in smaller rooms where more humidity may build rapidly because of running water.

What Additional Features Should My Bathroom Extractor Fan Have?

It usually depends on your choice. Some fans come with additional features while some others may have to lack them. So, you should find out what features you’re looking for or need for your toilet or bathroom.

Can I Set Up An Extractor Fan By Me, Or Does It Require Calling A Professional?

It’s a bit tough task to set up an extractor fan in the bathroom. Especially it becomes more complicated if your bathroom doesn’t have previously made holes for the fan.

But, it’s not much difficult to do if someone is good at doing home repairing tasks


When you need to do an effective humidity clearance, you can do it simply by using the best bathroom extractor fan. You can choose one of them that have reviewed in the above list.

All of them are as useful to keep your bathroom free of mold and moisture; they’re also keeping you fresh while using your bathroom.

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