Best Kitchen Extractor Fan UK 2023

Best Kitchen Extractor Fan UK

An extractor fan for your kitchen is something that you must have. To avoid bad smell, excessive heat, and oily objects you just need a kitchen fan. You will find a lot of options in the market but the best one among them is that makes the least noise. The outlook also matters.

Well, here come some attractive options for you if you are looking for the budget-friendly best kitchen hood. So, let’s not wait anymore. Go on reading the article below and make the best purchase for your kitchen.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Extractor Fan in UK

1. Ciarra CBCS9506B Cooker Hood

Among all the high-quality cooker hoods, Ciarra comes with the best features. Its mesmerizing design will compliment your kitchen and do its job like a pro. Although it can be a little costlier than the other models available in the market, its extracting power makes it worth buying.

The cherry on the top is its noising feature which is very low. Generally, this model comes with a frame that goes perfectly when it’s fitted with the roof or ceiling. If you do not have a roof and even a strong ceiling, then you may need some external shelter to fit it.

It requires enough people while the setting is as it’s quite heavy. Additionally, it has 4 LED lights that light up your kitchen. You would be happy to have the 1-year warranty feature that helps you stay tension free.

Chimney hood gives you a great extraction, less noise level, and has aluminum filters. It has filters and LED lights in it. It also has set up for different speeds for different types of cooking.

For example, the amount of speed it needs while steaming will differ from the amount while frying. It’s a high-quality hood and doesn’t require much of your effort to install it.

All the necessary instruments come within the package. Moreover, the glass hood comes with a warranty of 12 long months which is great. And you can call the community anytime if you need any technical help while using it.


  • Great warranty period
  • More extraction with less noise
  • Compliments your kitchen
  • Lighten up your kitchen


  • Cannot install without the help

2. Igenix Visor Cooker Hood Extractor

This Igenix Visor is the smallest model you will find so far. Despite being a small hood it is very flexible and very easy to fix. The happy part is you can install it all by yourself. However, it might look heavy even after being small in size as it has no cabinet.

Although it is less costly compared to the others it has a low extraction rate too. It comes with just 250 cubic meters/hr extraction whereas the other hoods come with up to 700 cubic m/hr. Anyway, it will well fit on your stove and perform well for your kitchen.

You will see the buttons labeled with clear instructions and different power settings. Well, placing it might put you in trouble because its power cord is very short. Try placing it near an electric point in your kitchen. Be careful while fitting it as it’s tricky.

However, it’s very easy to use and captures a short amount of space in your kitchen. You can start it just by pushing the button. As simple as that! Unlike other noisy hoods, this one brings you peaceful kitchen-time with its less noisy feature.

This one is made of high-quality stainless steel and extracts all the unwanted greasy things from your kitchen. Additionally, it helps you subtracting all the bad smells out of your lovely kitchen. Hopefully, all these details will help you to understand whether it is the model for you or not.


  • Suitable for small kitchens
  • Comes in your budget
  • Easy to install
  • Makes less noise


  • Comes with no warranty

3. Cookology CMH605SS Kitchen Extractor Fan

This model has a power of 300 cubic meters/hr of extraction. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and has different speed settings. These settings are set for the different types of cooking like boiling or frying. This feature is one of the best features that makes it different from all the other extraction fans.

It has its light system that enlightens your kitchen area. A 40-watt light ensures great ventilation for your kitchen. Unlike other models, this one is very cheap and also has the best equipment used in it. No matter what your kitchen looks like, it will fit your kitchen very well.

It takes just a little effort along with very little time to install it. However, it has a short chimney and can create problems if the stove is placed in a lower place. In that case, you will have to use an extra tube to fix it.

Nowadays, it’s more than important to have a kitchen hood as it gives your kitchen an additional look and keeps it smell free and fresh. It can easily fit in with your ceiling and a technician may help you do this.

It has a recirculation option that brings the fresh air back from outside and helps your kitchen get rid f smelly air.

Besides, it will help to keep your windows, doors, floor, and all the other stuff clean and oil-free. It is so easy to clean that you just need to use water and soap to clean it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Installing doesn’t require a lot of people
  • Well ventilation
  • Long warranty


  • Cannot perform for high ceilings

4. Ciarra CBCS6201 Kitchen Extractor Fan

Like many other hoods, it also comes with a long 1-year warranty. Its adjustable design makes it attractive compared to the others. It’s perfectly fit for those kitchens that have a ceiling which is very long in height. Hence, it can be your best choice.

It contains a 2-watt LED light that helps you saving the money that you would spend buying extra lights. It carries an extraction rate of more than 350 cubic meters and has a plastic coating that prevents the oily grease.

This coating also makes it easier to clean it just with a wet cloth and ordinary cleaning liquids.

To protect your kitchen from dust, oil and, bad smells, this model works like anything. If you have a problem with noisy devices, then it might be exactly what you want. It’s because it has the least noise rate which is 63DB(A).

Generally, it is a very high-quality product that performs with few noises and more efficiency. We would like you to check all the points carefully before buying it so that you get to buy the best thing that can meet your expectations.

This one brings you peaceful kitchen-time with its less noisy feature, unlike other noisy hoods. Moreover, it works great to subtract all the bad smells out of your lovely kitchen.


  • Has its own light
  • Amazing design
  • Adjustable quality
  • Fit for high ceiling


  • Very Noisy

5. Ciarra CBCS6506B Kitchen Extractor Fan

Firstly, it comes with 2-watt bulbs and 3-speed settings. It has an elegant style and design that makes your kitchen looks more beautiful than ever. Secondly, it is the best option for those who have a long ceiling in the kitchen.

It has filters that are very easy to clean and simple to fix. However, it’s a washable device and very easy to open. Therefore, it doesn’t need much of your effort to clean inside of it.

This model drastically changes the look of your kitchen and makes it classy and elegant. Besides, Ciarra’s customer care service is very active for you to help you by providing any kind of information. This service will help you with any kind of service that you may need.

However, this model weighs a little too much. So, if you require getting a light-weight extraction fan, then this model might not be for you. You might need an extra tube to reach that outside.

Its advanced features make sure that your kitchen remains odor-free and all the other furniture also compliments your whole kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best extraction fan for your kitchen.


  • Capable of higher ceilings
  • Comes with own tube
  • Instrument included
  • High-quality extraction


  • A little heavy

Buying Guide Of The Best Cooker Hood Extractor UK

Let’s know about some considering factors before buying a kitchen extractor fan.


Choosing the correct size for your kitchen is important. It may save your money too to some extent. You will find variations in size as like as the models.

The hoods have so many sizes that everyone has something for them. It is important to keep your kitchen in mind before buying one.

Extraction Rate

The extraction rate indicates the performance of your kitchen hood. It tells how fast your hood removes the odors and unwanted air from the kitchen. In case if you have a big kitchen, then you have to have a high rated extractor.

Energy Efficiency

This is very important to notice before buying any electric product. The environment of your kitchen and the cost also depend on this point. You will find a range from A+ to G that will help you to buy an electric device.

Since an extraction fan is an important thing for your kitchen, you have to take care of energy efficiency.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What About Cleaning My Kitchen Hood?

Everything needs cleaning to look better and to be used better. If you want your kitchen to be fresh and tidy, it’s better to wash it at least once a month. Not doing so will block the filter with oily grease and start smelling.

The carbon filters will also need to be replaced after times. So, be aware of the price before buying so that you find it affordable while maintaining afterward.

Does It Require Extra Lightings?

Most of the hoods come with own lights. So, you do not need extra lights for it. But some of the models gave LED lights and others have bulbs.

Therefore, you need to decide what you want your hood to have, LED lights that are costly and have a long lifespan or the ordinary bulbs that are cheap but need frequent replacement. It depends on the way you like.

How to Set the Hood Up?

Some companies offer you an installation service for free or with a little charge. It’s better to contact an engineer to set up as it’s a little tricky sometimes to install it.

Is the Extraction Fan Too Loud?

The noise level depends on the size of your kitchen. If you want your product to freshen up a large kitchen, then you have to tolerate a noisy one. But if you have a small kitchen, then you have options to go for a less noisy kitchen hood.


Although all the models are more or less good to choose, there is the one which is considered to be the best. Cookology is the one that comes with the best features. Its unique design, extra-ordinary performance will make you happy.

The best thing is that it comes at an affordable price and with the best kind of designs. No matter how your kitchen looks, it will compliment your kitchen anyway.

So, before you buy an extraction fan next time, make sure you check out our article and get the basic idea about these tools. Hence, you will be able to make the best purchase and your kitchen will thank you for that.

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