The 5 Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair UK 2023 Reviews

Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair UK

Girls with curly hair know the importance of the hair styling products to keep their hair in the optimum form. Using shampoos and conditioners are not just the right way to treat your hair right away.

A hairdryer is the right solution to get the perfect shape and look of your curly hair. When you use normal hairdryers, they might make your curly hair undefined and frizzy.

But, the latest models of hair dryers are highly appreciated in this issue. This is why we’re here to help you by providing a review of some best hair dryers for the people with curly hair.

Top 5 Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair UK

1. Panasonic EH-NA65 Professional Pink Nanoe Hair Dryer

Equipped with the latest Nanoe technology, the EH-NA65 is a product of the famous Panasonic manufacturer.

As they always like to offer the modern equipment, you’ll get this hair dryer helpful to get shiny hair while maintaining it with the minimum grease level.

The tool helps you to increase the volume of your hair by reducing frizz while doing different styles with your hair.

Indeed, this dryer locks the moisture of your hair and provides an ultra-soft feel on it.

For power and heat, the unit has 5 different adjustments with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings. As a result, you can dry your hair as quickly as efficiently.

Because of its easy to reach buttons, it’s very simple to adjust the speed as well as the temperature of fan faster as per the need of your styles.

It’ll enable you to blast your hair with the cold air that will give your hair a smoother finish while shoving a button of Cool shot.

Also, the box comes with three different professional attachments. Thanks to its fast-dry nozzle, it delivers powerful airflow for even and quicker drying.

Moreover, it helps you to make decent voluminous hairstyles by its concentrator attachment that provides air direct at your hair roots.

The diffusing feature will improve the curliness without making your hair a mess of frizzes. The provided attachments are not just simple to use, they’re also well made.


  • Better quality products
  • Provided a 3-meter long cable
  • Cool design
  • Powerful enough


  • Very heavy and big

2. JINRI Professional Grade Long Cord Hairdryer

The JINRI is another professional-grade hair dryer that takes just five minutes to make your hair styling. At the same time, it makes your hair smooth and shiny.

This is a great type of dryer that can make your hair stylish within just five minutes and leave it as silky as glossy.

With the latest technology of Far Infrared, the unit helps you to dry your hair equally from the back to front. Apart from drying your hair, it keeps them sealed inside with moisture as well.

And because of the most modern Ion Technology, the machine makes the negative ion able to go through the hair. This is how it keeps your hair soft, silky, and smooth.

The product comes with a unique and lovely design and compact size that you’ll feel strong enough and elegant.

It has an 1800-watt powerful motor, but it’s quieter than some other models of the similar watt range.

For the most types of hair, it’s equipped with 3 heat settings with two different speeds. Another good thing about the machine is that it has the button for the cool shot.

As a result, it’ll give a final touch to your hairstyle with a cool burst to keep them in the right place.

Besides, the unit is very user-friendly to operate and you can access all buttons easily. So, it’s effortless to operate and use the machine at the same time with your same hand.


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Simple heat & speed settings
  • Suitable for curly hair
  • Powerful diffuser


  • There is a complaint about the heat settings

3. BaByliss 2100W Hairdryer

BaByliss is such a hair care item producer that knows what the customers prefer to use. So, this is also a strong device that’s ready to make you stylish with its easy and quick process.

It’s because the unit comes with a powerful motor with 2100-watt that helps the process of drying quite faster than some other brands and models.

It’s extremely quiet to operate despite being very powerful.

It means that the product works efficiently without making you annoyed due to its noise. So, you’ll not bother other people around you when you’ll be drying your hair.

This hair dryer has packed with a great standard kit including a concentrator and a diffuser.

Since the diffusing attachment can make the hair silky smooth and provides you lock the large volume.

But, one thing may find in this device is its smaller power cord. This is why you need to use an additional extension cord when you don’t have any nearby power sockets.

Besides, this dryer is available at an extremely reasonable price, but it offers its users all useful functions.

That means you’ll get a handy device with an affordable cost along with all essential attachments.

Thus, it’s easy to improve your look of naturally curly hair by boosting up using this BaByliss Hairdryer.

A dryer can excel the whole thing when you think about the durability of the dryer’s body. As a result, the unit is highly recommended to use for all types of hair.


  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Simple, faster, and highly efficient
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Safe and user-friendly


  • A bit large in design

4. Remington Proluxe Hairdryer with Iconic & Styling Shot

While looking for the perfect solution to your thick and long hair, the Remington Proluxe Hairdryer is the right choice for you.

The unit blows quickly to dry your hair and helps you avoid getting it messy and frizzy.

The model is affordable in price at its level with a 2400-watt professional-grade motor. It’s an extremely powerful machine under the hood that will allow you to dry the hair within a short time.

Also, you’ll get amazing salon-like outcomes.

Coming with the latest OPTIheat technology, the dryer helps you to heat on the particular areas where it needs.

Thus, you can achieve better haircuts and hairstyles. Besides, it has a very useful feature of Style Shot that allows locking you in the style you choose.

While talking about the design, the unit comes with an attractive body with rose gold.

As the item has a long electric cord, you’re all set to continue your hair drying and hairstyling tasks comfortably.

It’s also light in weight and nice to feel when you touch it. Moreover, it’s easy to assemble and remove the attachments that come with the package.

Being the narrow concentration and slightly bigger in the center of the nozzle, the machine is handy to grip in the hands.

It might be the light color that’s just the single little flaw of the unit. Other than this issue, the model doesn’t have any other major flaws.


  • Available 3 heat settings
  • Included a concentrator & a diffuser
  • Powerful motor
  • Latest technology


  • Smaller diffuser

5. ghd Air™ Hair Dryer For Salon-Like Finish

When you ask what makes this hairdryer different, the answer is almost everything.

It 2100-watt powerful motor works as a professional-grade hairdryer and more efficient than many other normal dryers.

The body of the unit is shaped the way that’s all set to provide you faster and strong blow-dry.

The machine is indeed very influential, but you’ll find it quieter in comparison to some other models of the same price range.

This tool is not just suitable to make your hair dry, it also comes with the latest technology to offer lots of useful features.

For example, it locks your hair in a way that will keep them softer and glower.

As a result, you’ll enjoy long-lasting and beautiful hair with no or very less frizzing.

Since the device has variable temperature and power controllers, it helps you to make your hair to the optimum hairstyle.

Also, it has a button for the cool shot to help you lock the style in the same place you like using a cold air blast.

Because of its ergonomic design, the machine is extremely user-friendly.

Moreover, you can hold the tool comfortably for both hands and provide flexibility with a 3-meter long power cord.

If you’re in search of a hairdryer that can avail you of a salon-like finish, this is the right one to go after.


  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Powerful motor
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Inappropriate for longer hair

Buying Guide Of The Best Hair Dryer For Curly Hair UK

All types of hairdryers are equipped the basic functions like cars. But, details of the engines that indicate what the differences are.

It’s also applicable for the hairdryers and some differences and factors separate one model from another.

Well, let’s know some of the highly considerable factors before purchasing a hairdryer for your curly hair.


This is the factor that shows how powerful a hairdryer is. All hair dryers come with a rating of power defining its watts number.

It’s the most considerable factor among others because it decides how faster and influential you’ll accomplish your hair drying and hair styling tasks.

Usually, you can use 1000-watt to 1800-watt hairdryer if you have thin hair. But, it’ll work very little for the curly type of hair, so it needs a very powerful motor.

As a result, you can choose the hairdryers that come with 2400- watt to 3500-watt, which is ideal for the think and curly hairs.

Speed & Heat Settings

Good quality hairdryers have 3 standard settings for their speed including high, medium, and low. This is very important to use according to the type of hair.

Also, it’s important when you need to make different styles of your hair.

Besides, most dryers have at least 3 heat settings like different speed settings. A top-quality dryer provides you more options for heat setting and you can choose your preferred one.

When you’ll use it for your curly hair, a setting with lower or medium heat will work well to avoid frizzing and messing up your hair.


Many different designs are out there in different models of hairdryers. You should think about their types come with your hairdryer that you’re going to buy.

Some of them come with a large gripping bottom while some others are a bit thinner in structure.

Likewise, some others have included a synthetic hand glove for more cushioning to hold them correctly.

In any case, you have to choose the one that fits accurately in the hand.


The hairdryers come with certain attachments and they’re also useful when making styles of your hair. Among others, the nozzle is the most common type of attachment. It helps you to direct the blow of air in the way you need it.

That means, while using the nozzle, it’ll allow you to regulate its airflow at the particular area you like to make smoothen with o diversion.

As we’re talking about curly hair, it needs the diffuser, which is a very relevant and useful attachment. It’s because you can make large the airflow while drying or styling your hair.

FAQs Section

Does Hairdryer Damage My Hair?

No, it doesn’t. This is the answer to this most commonly asked question.

Can I Dry My Thicker Hair?

Yes, certainly you can. Indeed, the hairdryer is very handy for your thicker and curly hair.

Can A Hairdryer Burn My Hair?

Typically, it doesn’t. Most women are using hairdryers and they’re also happy with different types of hair.

Should I Use A Hairdryer To Dry My Hair Every Day?

Yes, you obviously can use your hairdryer every day to blow dry your hair.


So, this is time to purchase your preferred hairdryer and you can choose anyone from our above-said list.

However, you have to understand which type or model of the dryer is suitable or your hair.

It means that you have to choose your hairdryer as per the type and density along with the health of your hair.

When you realize these things, you’ll be more confident to find out the best product in the market.

Happy Shopping!

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