10 Best Hand Blender UK – Buyer’s Guide and Review 2023

Best Hand Blender – Buyer’s Guide and Review 2020

A hand or immersion blender is a versatile kitchen equipment, which can mash and grind different vegetables and fruits.

Corded or battery-operated, this simple, deceptively implement can be underestimated easily as juts for blending shakes and soups, but in actuality, it has a variety of uses that can come out as a surprise for people who would want more traditional blenders or more complicated equipment pieces.

If you would want to know how else your dependable and trusty hand blender can be used, below are some pointers:

  • Puree sauces and soups – Simply immerse the blade into the chunks of vegetables cooking in the pot. It can also be used in blending sauces and smoothening lumps out of your gravy.
  • Make smoothies and blend drinks – From fruit smoothie to milkshakes, hand or immersion blenders enable you to create the exact amount in a glass or any other container.
  • Whisk eggs – If you would want to make an egg omelet, you can simply crack the egg in a bowl, and then mix it with a hand blender before you cook it.
  • Blend baby foods – All of us know that babies can just consume so much, and it can quite daunting to blend boiled squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in a traditional blender.
  • Emulsify and whip ingredients – Making whipped cream, mayonnaise, and some other are great examples of this preparation.

Other things that you can make in hand blenders are to make solid food digestible and chop items.

With a simple hand blender, you can prepare food easily in a matter of minutes, with the hassle of having complicated cleanups.

Top 10 Best Hand Blender – Buyer’s Guide and Review

1.Braun MultiQuick 5 MQ5035

Whether you are whirling up avocados for a healthy smoothie or just want to blend some ingredients for soup, Braun MultiQuick5 is worth investing for.

With its 750w power, there is nothing that this simple machine can’t do. Its clean-cut design and stainless steel blade produce a silent run.

It features 21 speeds, allowing you to operate it to your heart’s content. It is also packed with a chopper attachment, 600ml beaker, and whisk.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It is powerful.
  • You can choose from its wide range of speed selection.


  • The switch is quite difficult to control.

2.SMEG HBF02CRUK Hand Blender (Retro Style)

It is included in this list for a reason. This all-purpose hand blender comes with an amazing design.

Its blade is specifically engineered, which will help you blend hard and soft foods. On the other hand, its stainless steel arm is replaceable by either whisk, beater, chopper, or potato masher.

What makes it more interesting is that they are tailored not to give any dents or scratch. Hence, you can mix all you want on your fave saucepan without worrying.


  • It has a stunning design.
  • A solid choice for its power is commendable.
  • Changing attachment is so easy.


  • You may encounter difficulties in setting down its curved shape when in use.

3.KitchenAid 5KHB2571

Another great recommendation for mixing your protein shakes is Kitchen Aid 5KHB2571.

The manufacturer is well-known for creating highly-performing and quality kitchen products. It features tons of s attachments.

Meanwhile, its storage case allows you to store easily. It has two blending arms with varying lengths, a perfect option for those who want to cook soups.


  • It is sturdy.
  • It has great whisking and blending results.
  • Its attachments are washable.
  • Its jug capacity is huge.


  • It is too heavy.

4.Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender HDP300WH

For novice smoothie lovers out there or just want to learn a new masterpiece inside the kitchen, this hand blender is a great aid.

Kenwood Triblade Hand blender is packed with innovative design, featuring three angled blades that blend in just a breeze.

Not to mention that its ribs are specifically tailored to lessen suction.

More than that, it also boasts brand new attachments that will greatly assist you to chop, blend, and even mash foods according to your preference.


  • It is so affordable.
  • The masher attachment is awesome.
  • You don’t need to super skills to hold and control the machine.


  • It is too noisy.

5.Bosch MaxxoMixx

If you love making soups, baby foods, or smoothies, don’t go any farther because Bosch Maxxomixx is here to help you.

This machine has a 12 speed with 800w, which blends and chops. This can be ideal for beginners in the kitchen. Furthermore, it can make your job easier and faster.

Also, attachments are detachable by just pressing the eject button. It also comes with a lid, so you won’t need to freak out for the mess.


  • One of its advantage over other similar products is that it is so easy to maintain and clean.
  • It does not splash.
  • It has a powerful but silent motor
  • It features a wide range of speeds.


  • It tends to overheat.

6.Russell Hobbs Hand Blender Desire 3-in-1

If you are seeking for quick and handy food-fix, go for Russell Hobbs Hand Blender Desire 3-in-1.

Its stunning design won’t disappoint you, as it boasts extra accessories namely beaker and chopper bowl.


  • The four attachments will let you enjoy whipping up snacks and other kitchen stuff with less fuss
  • It has two-speed settings.
  • It can last long for several years
  • It has a wonderful finish


  • Putting too much liquid can cause leakage.

7.Crux All-in-One Hand Blender

Ideal for enthusiasts who loves pureeing chicken, whisking egg or chopping herbs and nuts, Crux All-in-One hand blender is a must-have.

It includes myriads of attachment such as masher, chopper, etc. When it comes to design and style, it would perfectly fit your modern kitchen.

Additionally, you don’t need special skills to use and clean it. This product also comes with a stand to make your experience better.


  • It’s a great tool to mix banana milkshakes
  • It comes with detailed instructions


  • In making mayonnaise, you may experience spills.
  • It is quite expensive.

8.CUISINART CSB-75BC Smart Stick

Sturdy and versatile, Cuisinart is one of the topnotch brands right now in the market. It doesn’t end there.

With the desire to help you save money, the manufacturer launched an affordable yet powerful hand blender.

This simple machine comes with two different speed settings along with the 200-watt motor, enough to help you with dough mixing and soup blending.

Compared to other hand blenders in this list, this one does not have attachments.

But, it incorporates a two-cup mixing beaker. What’s great about this is that it is dishwasher and microwave-safe.


  • It gives you a handy way to mix liquids.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is so cheap.


  • It needs two hands to operate it.

9.YISSVIC Hand Blender

You’ll be surely amazed at what this awesome hand blender can do. Considered as one of the most powerful stick blenders, YISSVIC can give more than smoothies and soups.

With its 1000 watt power, it has the ability to make dried grain into fine flour.Moreover, a hand-twist micrometer runs the speed control.

The dial is so responsive and smooth, making your experience better than imagined.


  • Its whisk is strongly built.
  • It is powerful.
  • The manufacturer offers two years warranty


  • It is too noisy.

10.Bamix Deluxe Hand Held Food Processor

Don’t mind spending for the best hand blender? If that’s the case, opt for this one. Bamix handheld food processor can handle the blending of purees, cake batters, and sauces.

While it does not have lots of speed setting, it can go not more than 1700rpm, enabling you to blend ingredients in a swift.


  • Its attachments are coated to repel odor and grease.
  • It includes a stand.
  • The speed is quite amazing.


  • As mentioned above, it is so expensive.

Considering some things can help the search a lot easier.

1.Immersion or countertop

The most common blender is the one that is designed for your countertop. The large jar or pitcher is attached to the stand with the controls.

This design is perfect in making smoothies and crushing ice. On the other hand, the immersion blenders are handheld featuring a rotating blade with a long stick at the end.

This works best in making puree, sauce, and milkshake.

2.Horsepower/wattage of the motor

It is important to consider the wattage of the motor in buying a blender. Choose a blender that provides high horsepower so that you can expect that the speed is also efficient.

3.Available control

Different blenders have varying controls. The controls are used for different blending speeds and options for making smoothie, puree, crushed ice, and many others.

Some blenders have manual controls while others feature programmed blend cycles.

4.The material of the jar

If you will use the blender frequently, it is essential to pay attention to the materials of the jar.

Most blenders including the Montel Williams blender has a jar that is made from glass. This is a popular choice because it is easy to clean, though it is heavy.

The polycarbonate jar absorbs the stains and odors of the ingredients. On the other hand, the stainless steel jar is lighter, but you cannot also see what is inside.


Determining the amount you can afford to spend on buying a blender is important. However, make sure not to choose cheaper blender while sacrificing the quality.

You can find a blender within your budget, as long as you will do thorough research.

Aside from the pointers cited above, a customer should first determine how frequently he or she will use the blender. Picking heavy duty blender is ideal if you will use it frequently.

Otherwise, if you will not consider its durability, most likely you will spend more money on replacing the blender one after the other.

The durability of Montel Williams blender is at par, and this is one of the many reasons why many buyers are purchasing this brand of blender.

Immersion Blenders and its Benefits in the Kitchen

Due to the innovations made with Blenders, there are already lots of blenders in the market that make immersion Blenders often forgotten.

But with its simplicity comes various benefits to your kitchen. When properly used, this can turn your average kitchen into a gourmet-like kitchen.

Immersion Blender will be your secret tool for making sauces, smoothies, soups, and any other liquid substances just with the flip of the switch.


When we talk about blender, you usually think of all those big and bulky heavy machines. This may look great and somehow performs great.

But, thinking of bringing it into your kitchen and allow it to blend small serving smoothies, well it’s quite ridiculous.

This immersion blender is compact and small, which makes it best for your small kitchen needs. This can also be stored easily.

You want to travel for an event or holiday and want to take the blender with you? Well, a handheld blender packing is only a breeze.

Picking the best immersion blenders will often depend on your preferred feature, planned use, and price range.

Complete liquid Immersion.

Unlike regular blenders, which often leave some chunks, this one will give you outstanding results.

No more annoying smoothie experience caused by the regular blender’s greatest downfall. Aside from that, these blenders will also reduce the volume of splatter.

Hand-held blenders can also be best for whisking sauce or soups without getting wrist strain.

Cleaning is made easy.

The ease of cleaning hand-held blenders is one of the most loved advantages by the users, and surely yours too.

Unlike those regular blenders that require each part to be washed, this one will be the opposite. Due to the simplicity of design, there are only a few parts that need to be washed.

Reduced noise.

Cooking often becomes more exciting and fun if the end product will be shared with our friends or loved ones.

Often times, we even volunteer to cook for our visitors. But, this sometimes turns to an unbearable experience.

Just imagine how irritating it was to use “regular blenders” that produce so much noise while running.

Well, this will not be the case with your immersion blender.

Final thoughts

Hand blender is one that can do everything you need it to do for you and even more.

A blender can be multifunctional kitchen appliances, which can be used in creating shakes, smoothies, dips, dressings, and soups.

The best hand blenders have enough power in making crushed ice, and even so powerful that they are able to make fresh peanut butter.

In order to determine which blender will be best for you, you need to ask yourself first if what you will use it for.

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